About Us

The Founding 

NVADE is co-founded and co-owned by Jaelin Hayden and Tynia Lewis. They first met at 12 years old in a boarding school and became best friends over their mutual love for sports, tutoring, and community service. Their Residential Advisor mentored them on the importance of cultivating healthy sisterhood through authentic connections. At the close of their freshmen year of high school, they made a pact to continue to create inclusive spaces for like-minded girls and women. Fast forward to 2019, they established NVADE to make their teenage aspirations a reality. Thus, with their brand they will be able to pay it forward by directly impacting like minded young girls and women to show them that they too can defy and destroy limitations set before them.

Our Mission

At NVADE, our mission is to shape a world where women confidently break through limitations and seize limitless opportunities. Drawing from our first hand experiences, we believe in empowering women to embrace their full potential. NVADE intentionally designs women’s athleisure wear to provide an alternative to most fast fashion options. We provide minimal, functional, and timeless athleisure clothing that empowers the multifaceted woman to invest in staple pieces that transcends trends and complements multiple facets of her everyday life.